Make Your Glass Stronger With Safety Window Film

When residents complain that their rooms that are too hot, or if they notice that their energy consumption continues to rise, safety window films can help increase tenant comfort, save energy, and even increase security. Safety window films offer enhanced protection against accidents, natural disasters, and airborne shards of glass.

What are the safety window films?

Safety window films are solar-controlled window film patents that help protect against harmful sun damage for years. So far, millions of homeowners have installed these films worldwide. Update your home with them and enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Safety window films are a type of window treatment applied to windows and glazed surfaces. They are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat that passes through the glass while increasing safety. These films help to increase solar reflectivity, reject heat from the sun and decrease the entrance of ultraviolet light, so they have a wide range of benefits:



  • Improve comfort
  • Save energy
  • Increase privacy
  • Reduce discoloration
  • Reduce glare
  • Increase the security of people and property
  • Quick return on investment: in just three years 
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Save money, no matter what climate zone you live/work in


While window film can be used with blinds, curtains, or other window treatments, the advantage they offer is that they protect from sunlight without obstructing the view. Unlike curtains, which must be closed to be effective, window films are designed to allow light to enter, helping to reduce heat and glare, and protecting your eyes at the same time. 

Safety window films can also help keep your home more secure against forced entry attempts without placing unsightly bars on the windows.

What safety window films can do for your home

  • Save energy

Your energy bill hit the roof? Safety window films can significantly reduce the amount of heat that enters through windows, helping you keep utility costs down. Residents will enjoy the more pleasant environment, and you will save on your energy bill.

  • Improve comfort

Help with the comfort level so you can keep your residents for the long term. Window films can significantly increase the degree of comfort in your house by virtually eliminating hot and cold spots, reducing glare, and improving safety without compromising the aesthetics. The force of an impact can shatter a glass door, but safety window films keep the glass shards together and in place.

  • Improve security

Accidents and natural disasters can wreak havoc inside your house, but you can always take safety precautions to reduce the damage. Safety window filmhelps hold broken glass together so that shards won’t fly away and hurt someone.

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