Enhance Your Privacy by Using Window Tinting

Window tinting solves the lack of privacy and excess heat in a house. Privacy window tinting is a joint solution for privacy and heat issues. This tinting is capable of solving a large number of problems related to the windows of your home, such as excess heat, lack of privacy, excess brightness, aesthetic issues, and energy savings. Privacy window tinting depends on the need or needs of each client to provide the most effective solution for the set of problems that arise. In the present case, it is the lack of privacy and excess heat. Privacy window tinting is the solution to these two problems.


How privacy window tinting works

The privacy window tinting is a protection film that belongs to the 3M Silver series. A series gives you solutions to multiple problems with a little cost and one of the most contrasted solar control film technology in the world. Privacy window tinting stands out for energy savings as well as reflective technology. The installation of the sheet does not require works or disassembling the windows. It takes just a few hours for the technicians to install and finished. You can witness the results at the same moment.

Privacy window tinting for glass is the solution that mitigates cost-effectiveness damage. These specially designed films, almost invisible once installed, provide a renewable surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for glass replacement costs.

A simple removal of damaged film

Whether applied to vertical or edged glass, or mirrors or stainless steel, in shopping malls, on buses, in office buildings or subways, installation and replacement by a professionally trained team will be quick and easy, avoiding intrusion caused. When vandals attack, the privacy window tinting peels away, it reveals the entire glass surface ready for sacrificial film replacement.

Privacy window tinting against solar energy

The objective of Privacy window tinting is to reduce the effects of solar energy that enters an enclosure. The tint rejects up to 80% of the heat that standard glass lets through in summer, reducing the interior temperature between 3 and 5 C. They are composed of thin sheets of polyester bathed or injected with a reflective material (mirror effect) or tinted (non-reflective, they do not produce a mirror effect). This tinting allows us to retain a large part of infrared radiation and more than 99% of dangerous UV rays. In winter, it maintains the interior temperature, avoiding energy leakage. This allows savings on air conditioning and heating.

Protect your windows from vandalism with Privacy window tinting film.

Privacy window tinting solves two underlying problems: improves privacy and curb the excessive heat produced by the sun’s rays. Our solution is clear with mirrored window tinting. This type of tint protects the glass against scratches, grooves, and labels. It is easy to remove and replace quickly, without the hassle and high costs of replacing your windows, as it is only a fraction of the cost of new glass. This tinting rejects 99% of fading UV rays, helping to extend the life of display products.