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Energy Efficiency is a primary factor that increases employee comfort and productivity in the workplace. Commercial Window Tinting Los Angeles provides an office building that maintains a consistent climate while avoiding the effects of hot spots. The infrared heat from the sun which streams to windows can easily cause inside temperatures to climb, along with air-conditioning costs. Glare causes eye strain, reduces the ability of clearly seeing computer monitors and eventually lowers productivity. Choosing the right Glass Film can reduce Glare by as much as 90%. Window Film that provides heat reduction without reducing visibility from the outside is a solution that is offered by Commercial Window Tinting Los Angeles. Great for retail owners maintain current visibility and ensuring the protection of your merchandise.

Interior Fading is an expensive problem facing Retail and Building lowers. Heat exposure and U.V. can significantly shorten the life of carpeting, wood finishes, draperies, corporate art collections and other furnishings. Commercial Luxury Glass Tinting, offers a wide variety of State-of-the-Art Window Films. Whether your looking for a modern, reflective look, or Custom Color. Please contact us today for your Free Estimate

Luxury Glass Tinting lets its customers avail of the benefits of tinting in the comfort of their homes or workplaces. We provide

Anti-Graffiti Protection & Safety Window Films

The latest statistics show that vandalism has cost americans over 1 Billion annually. From spray paint graffiti to scratching to smash-and-grab robbers. But there’s finally a solution Anti-graffiti Protection Window Film Los Angeles. It is durable made of a unique adhesive that bonds Film to Glass. This allows the film to stay attached to the glass longer and makes it harder for smash-and-grab robbers to be successful. Perfect for popular spray can graffiti and tagging, the thickness of the film coupled with the tough outside coating will help protect glass form diamond cutters, marking and acid-etching.

Safety Window Films

No matter what type of building, home, or office. Your glass and windows pose the biggest threat to your safety. To thieves a broken window is and open door to the valuables in your home or building. Safety Window Films Los Angeles offers a thick, optically clear barrier film that bonds to the inside of windows, reinforcing glass and helping to hold it safely in place upon impact.

Reinforces Glass

Tough Defense Against Intruders