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Auto Window Tinting – Hybrid Film

Window Tinting for your Car Los Angeles clearly exceeds your expectations with their superior performance. Proper tinting can make your car a lot cooler during hot summer days, thus minimizing air-condition use. In Fact Window Tinting Los Angeles can block 99% of harmful U.V. Rays from the sun that can cause skin cancer.

Carbon-Ceramic Window Hybrid Film

Hybrid Films incorporates innovative technology that allows both carbon and ceramic particles to share the duty of protecting your car’s interior with the advantages of both while significantly reducing the downsides they would have on their own. Our unique formula decreases the size of carbon particles down to a nano scale, preventing the haze and glare from typical carbon films while maintaining its incredible durability. What’s more, by encapsulating high-purity ceramic particles, we’ve further enhanced the color stability of ceramic while maintaining its higher visibility.

Luxury Glass Tinting Professional Mobile Crew Los Angeles lets customer avail the benefits of tinting in the comfort of their Homes or Workplaces. Mobile Service: Requires Garage/Driveway or Parking Lot.

  • Free Mobile Service near
  • Lifetime Warranty Peeling, Cracking,
    Bubbling, Demetallizing, and Delamination
  • Heat Reduction 44% – 66%
  • 99% U.V. Protection from harmful Rays
  • Safe for Rear Windows, AM/FM, Satellite Radio, GPS, Security Systems, and Bluetooth