Anti-Graffiti Window Tint Film Series

What are the anti-graffiti window films? They are glass sheets that protect that window from vandalism, protect from graffiti, protect from scratches, protect from acids, and protect from paints. This vandalism can happen anywhere, mirrors, public transport (metro-bus), elevators, shop windows, causing a negative impact.


The Anti-graffiti window films solve the problem of vandalism because they protect the glass. In addition, the new protective glass films are easy to remove and install without disturbing the workplace. The glass sheets incorporate a resistant anti-scratch layer and protect the glass, and its adhesive makes it easy to replace them. Therefore, with the anti-graffiti films, you save time and money without changing the glass.

Anti-graffiti window films for the indoors

With Anti-graffiti window films, you can protect windows and mirrors from erosion. The marks and the corrosion that the surface may require a simple replacement of the sheet. The glass is generally unharmed. This high-quality glass film is an entirely transparent film with a special coating to withstand daily window abuse.

Save money and time Anti-graffiti window films.

With Anti-graffiti window films, you can protect materials such as poly carbonate and Plexiglas against vandalism and graffiti. There are glass or plastic surfaces such as stadiums, swimming pools, subways, buses, shopping centers, shop windows, supermarket windows, cinema, and schools to protect with anti-graffiti films. Instead of spending money and changing the glass, you can install the anti-graffiti film sheets as safety sheets for glass windows.

Anti-graffiti window films for Schools, Businesses, and Car

Violent storms can break glass, from either debris or the force of wind and rain. Anti-graffiti window films protect against these problems while keeping debris out of your commercial space or classroom. These window films help reduce accident and injury rates by holding the glass together even if it breaks. This means there are no flying glass shards and the accidents/injuries they create.

Anti-graffiti window films are a great way to prevent vandalism, as would-be vandals cannot break windows with rocks or other objects. These window films also protect against graffiti as the spray paint peels off with the film. They form invisible shields that keep thieves and other intruders out.

Anti-graffiti window films as UV shields

Anti-graffiti window films protect against harmful UVB and UVA rays that damage skin and cause furniture, merchandise, equipment, and anything else to dry out and fade. Therefore, it is a great way to keep inventory and other investments in exceptional condition.

Anti-graffiti films for unmatched transparency and optical clarity

The special scratch-resistant coating on Anti-graffiti window films removes most sprays, paints, and pens. Users can clean it with standard cleaning materials. The film is easy to remove and replaced quickly, without the hassle of replacing windows. It is one of the best money-saving options, only a fraction of the cost of new glass.

  • Anti-graffiti films offer additional security features against glass breakage
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Substrate compatibility with glass, mirrors, or plastic and acrylic surfaces
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor graphics and signs
  • Ideal for fleet or commercial vehicle graphics and emblems
  • Excellent protection of substrates and surfaces